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Look Younger, Live Longer 

Masterclass : $117 

Health should come from an empowered place, not a helpless place."

This is my secret Health Mantra which implies that you can live a rich life full of vitality with your mind and body brimming with light, happiness, peace, love, and energy. 

Join me for a truly transformational masterclass where I teach you everything you need to live healthier in a fully energized, radiant, and youthful body. Learn rejuvenating practices, diet, and daily routines that promote youthfulness and prolong longevity.

Start Aging With Grace

This Masterclass is for you, if you want to

  • Feel younger
  • Be filled with energy
  • Be radiant in and out
  • Age gracefully
  • Prolong a healthy life
  • Bathe in the fountain of youth
  • Truly live your best
  • Learn not to live in low-grade pain
  • Understand where true health comes from

In these constantly stimulated & stressful times, we flow like dead fish in the river. We have made ourselves comfortable with low-grade pain, chronic illness is our friend, and with living like this come thoughts like"ah! the pains of growing older" or "I don't have the energy or the glow I once used to have".

We fool ourselves into believing that this is how everyone lives - in mild agony, in suffering, in dis-ease.


I bring you time-tested and longevity-prolonging Ayurvedic wisdom with this workshop.
Learn the best practices put forth by the sacred science of Ayurveda that empowers you to live your best life.

Your Takeaways From the Masterclass


  • DOs and DONTs to promote youthfulness and longevity 
  • Primary principles to bring balance and ways to assess your body
  • Holistic practices and protocol to support your health goals
  • Steps to look after your skin & hair as you age
  • Everyday routines and the right kind of diet to promote youthfulness
  • Exercises to do to support a healthy body and mind
  • Herbs and practices to repair and rejuvenate, plus exciting bonuses

What Our Participants Say



Learning & revising with Nidhi is always fun, always dropping new gems




You are the Best Ayurvedic teacher. I really love your knowledge and wisdom, and ease and clarity in communicating. Thank you.




Applying my learning already. Thank you for teaching Nidhi.




Age Gracefully with this Masterclass


A truly transformational masterclass where I teach you everything you need to live healthier in a fully energized, radiant, and youthful body. Learn daily routines, supporting practices, diet, and more that promote youthfulness and prolong longevity. 

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Bonus #1

Nidhi's Inner Climate ™ Short Course : A condensed version of her revolutionary method that redefines wellness.

Bonus #2

Nidhi's Foundation Course on Doshas: An introductory course that lays the groundwork for understanding the Doshas.

About Nidhi


Nidhi Pandya is an Ayurvedic practitioner and healer based in New York City. 

Raised in India, she has been immersed in Vedic wisdom since birth; her grandfather being an Ayurvedic healer. She has studied this intuitive and highly nuanced science of life right from ancient Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts and scriptures. She is passionate about empowering people to become self-aware and live intuitively with Mind-Body Balance. 

Her strength lies in her ability to understand the ancient scriptures and make them comprehensible and applicable to the modern world. Nidhi has been an international teacher, coach, and speaker. She writes for various publications and is a faculty member at the Shakti School. 


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1,000+ Lives Changed

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. It was never meant to be complicated! Let's learn to speak it as a first language and identify ways in which we can apply it to all aspects of mind and body.

Longevity Masterclass


Learn everything you need to live healthier in a fully energized and radiant body thereby prolonging longevity. This course covers Ayurvedic practices, daily routines, diet, herbs, and more that promote youthfulness and longevity,  leading you toward holistic and fulfilled health.

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