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My Little Book Of Soups

20 Easy & Delicious soup recipes for everyone.

"I believe that cooking is not a science, it is Art. It requires you to be creative. A little change here, a little deviant there from the recipe only adds more flavor. Don’t think you are married to the quantities or ingredients, listen to your instincts, use what you have, be bold and trust yourself."

         Nidhi Pandya

Meet Nidhi


Nidhi Pandya is an Ayurvedic practitioner and healer based in New York City. 

Raised in India, she has been immersed in Vedic wisdom since birth; her grandfather being an Ayurvedic healer. She has studied this intuitive and highly nuanced science of life right from ancient Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts and scriptures. She is passionate about empowering people to become self-aware and live intuitively with Mind-Body Balance. 

Her strength lies in her ability to understand the ancient scriptures and make them comprehensible and applicable to the modern world.

Nidhi has been an international teacher, coach, and speaker. She writes for various publications and is a faculty member at the Shakti School. 

1,000+ Lives Changed

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. It was never meant to be complicated! Let's learn to speak it as a first language and identify ways in which we can apply it to all aspects of mind and body.

"Thank you for the amazing knowledge Nidhi. I have already attended 3 workshops of yours and every time I learn so much."



Join a community of nearly 100k people ready to Ayurvedize their life!

I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery as we explore the world of Ayurveda together, bit by bit. I will ascertain that you receive this ancient wisdom in small digestible servings that you can apply right away.