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Optimize Digestive Wellness

A Masterclass for Gut Health and Vitality with Ayurveda


Digestion is one of the most important and yet most misunderstood body processes.  

Poor digestion could mean many things like discomfort, heartburn, constipation, loose stools, nausea, acidity, burping, foul flatulence, even a dry mouth, and malabsorption of food.

Instead of “How can I help my digestion?”, we need to ask, “Which part of my digestion is suffering and what exactly is going on there?”

In this masterclass, you will learn to assess and relieve your own digestive symptoms, create the right digestive environment, find foods that nourish you, increase your absorption of nutrients, and most of all, be satiated. 

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This Masterclass is for you, if you want to 

  • Manage digestive issues like acidity, heartburn, bloating, constipation, loose stools, nausea,  ...
  • Understand the role of the gut, and the other organ systems in the process of digestion 
  • Learn how to analyse your poop, causes and symptoms of imbalanced digestion
  • Understand the concept of Agni in a new light, and the role of emotions in digestion 

Unlike popular belief, digestion goes beyond your gut. Each part of your digestive system serves a specific function and requires a specific environment for your food to make it through.  You are not what you eat, but what you digest.


Through my masterclass, I will teach you about the various parts of the digestive system and how to keep them all functioning well in a jargon-free yet undiluted manner. I will also teach you practices, protocols, foods, and herbs that will make your journey “From Food to Poop” - a delightful one!

Your Takeaways From the Masterclass


  • Know how to analyze and manage your own digestive symptoms
  • Live a life full of health, balance, and vigor.
  • Primary principles to assess your own body
  • Holistic practices and protocol to support your gut health
  • Everyday routines and diet to promote a well balanced digestive system 
  • Practical tips, herbs, and more to support a healthy body and mind

What Participants Say



I learned so much about my own digestive symptoms, and the way you explain everything is phenomenal, as always! 




Just started your digestion course. I am absolutely loving it. I do have a basic understanding of Ayurveda but your explanations, real life examples practical solutions and advice is just spot on!




I loved the digestion masterclass! You have a way of making Ayurveda so easy to understand. 



$87 (3 payments of $29)

Digestion Beyond Gut.

Manage your recurring digestive symptoms and create a balanced digestive environment through the generational Ayurvedic wisdom shared in this masterclass. 

.  3 hours of Videos 

.  40 pages of Workbook

.  Dozens of Recipes, Curated, Meditations and Breathwork, Practical Tips  ... and more.

.  Access to Nidhi's private circle.

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Course Content

Introduction to Digestion 



Digestion Concepts 



Module 1 - Agni 



Module 2 - Kapha & Ama 



Module 3 - Pitta 



Module 4 - Vata 



Module 5 - Constipation



Module 6 - Other Things 



Module 7 - Food to Poop



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About Nidhi


Nidhi Pandya is an Ayurvedic Healer based in New York City. 

Raised in India, she has been immersed in Vedic wisdom since birth; her grandfather being an Ayurvedic Healer himself. She has studied this intuitive and highly nuanced science of life right from ancient Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts and scriptures.

She is passionate about empowering people to become self-aware and live intuitively with Mind-Body Balance. Her strength lies in her ability to understand the ancient scriptures and make them comprehensible and applicable to the modern world.

Nidhi has been an international teacher, coach, and speaker. She writes for various publications and is a faculty member at the Shakti School. 


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1,000+ Lives Changed

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. It was never meant to be complicated! Let's learn to speak it as a first language and identify ways in which we can apply it to all aspects of mind and body.

Digestion Beyond Gut.

$87 (3 payments of $29)

This masterclass empowers you to analyze and manage your own digestive symptoms and live a life full of health, balance, and vigor. Learn all you need to know about Digestion from the Ayurvedic lens and get practical tips, diet, herbs, and MORE for a balanced digestive environment.

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