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Conceive with Care

Fertility Masterclass : Ayurvedic wisdom for a Healthy Conception Journey

Did you know that your child's blueprint is drawn even before conception? Your diet, Dosha predominance, and lifestyle all play a huge role. But fertility is not just about the ability to conceive. It is also about having a rich, lush body full of life and vigor. It also means having a happy and creative mind. 
Enroll now for a never-before Masterclass on Fertility/Preconception where I teach you how to build and promote a healthy environment (Mind & Body) before conception. Learn how you can apply the sacred Ayurvedic principles to bring balance, have a sustainable lifestyle, a diet that will support successful conception, visualization, and much more.
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This Masterclass is for you, if you want to 

  • Know everything about eating right for healthy fertility
  • Make a sustainable lifestyle change for conception 
  • Understand all the do's & don'ts about fertility and conception
  • Get off the Pill the right way
  • Be confident, happy, and strong while planning to conceive 
  • Activate your inner feminine energy, understand your body, and create balance
  • Create the best environment for a successful conception as prescribed by Vedas
  • Start your journey into motherhood the Ayurvedic way

In modern times, there is enough information about how NOT to conceive, and gulping the Pill to get freedom. While it may be true for many women, it can wreak havoc on your body, mind, and life. The methods of contraception are ingrained into our minds. 

But, no one teaches us how to build a healthy environment in our bodies when we are ready to conceive.  


Well, thank the Acharyas for Ayurveda. They knew (without modern testing equipment) when Ovulation happens, and all the effective practices any woman needs to build a healthy & fertile body. And in this comprehensive Masterclass, I bring straight to you the time-tested, Ayurvedic wisdom!

Your Takeaways From the Masterclass


  • A-Z of women's well-being and practices to bring balance
  • The absolute No's to avoid for a healthy conception 
  • The truth about that Biological clock and how to live well
  • Decode what true fertility means and ways to attain that state
  • Learn the power of manifestation & techniques
  • How & What kind of Herbs to use to support conception
  • Learn how to bring hormones into balance
  • What He can do to improve his fertility, and MUCH MORE

What Participants Say



So beautifully explained, the conscious conception




Thank you this has been wonderful




Thank you! Very artfully and compassionately presented




Fertility- The Ayurvedic Way

If you’re ready and planning to start your family soon, then this masterclass is for you. Nidhi takes you step-by-step through Ayurvedic wisdom to get through your most crucial phases of life.

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Course Content

Introduction to Fertility 



Module 1 - What is Fertility 



Module 2 - Anatomy



Module 3 - Fertility Factors



Module 4 - Preparation



FAQ & Conclusion



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About Nidhi


Nidhi Pandya is an Ayurvedic Healer based in New York City. 

Raised in India, she has been immersed in Vedic wisdom since birth; her grandfather being an Ayurvedic Healer himself. She has studied this intuitive and highly nuanced science of life right from ancient Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts and scriptures.

She is passionate about empowering people to become self-aware and live intuitively with Mind-Body Balance. Her strength lies in her ability to understand the ancient scriptures and make them comprehensible and applicable to the modern world.

Nidhi has been an international teacher, coach, and speaker. She writes for various publications and is a faculty member at the Shakti School. 


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1,000+ Lives Changed

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. It was never meant to be complicated! Let's learn to speak it as a first language and identify ways in which we can apply it to all aspects of mind and body.



Learn from the time-tested science to not just bring your body back into balance but also promote a healthy environment before conception. 

Apply the sacred Ayurvedic principles to bring balance, have a sustainable lifestyle, and follow a diet that will support successful conception, including bonuses.
Disclaimer : this is not for treating infertility. Please consult your most trusted Ayurvedic practitioner for a full round-up. 
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