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Get The Best Skin & Mane Of Your Life

Tried all the creams, scrubs, and oils, but still can’t get the best out of your skin and mane? Well, ask the 5000-year-old science, how to do it right. 
Hair and Skin are the huge markers of your health, inside out. Besides the aesthetics, they really tell a lot about how you’re doing from your mind as well as your body.
Level up your Skin & Mane care game as I share the A to Z's of TLC right from the ancient texts of Ayurveda. 
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This Bundle is for you, if you want to 

  • Understand the fundamentals of Skin and Hair 
  • Play a long game and preserve the health of your Skin and Mane
  • Create balance, thereby enhancing the quality of Skin and Mane
  • Focus not only on external applications but also on the internal ecosystem
  • Trust the age-old science to help you fix your Skin and Mane for good

Although Skin and Mane play a huge role in defining how we look, what’s more important is that they are the subtle indicators of our overall health. 

We often find ourselves asking “What’s good for my Skin, or What’s good for my Mane?” However, it’s important to know that not everyone responds the same way, because we’re different individuals, the way we respond to the exact same things may also be very different from each other.


These workshops are all about working on the inside to get the outside right. By really understanding and following the holistic protocol, you will be able to not only notice the difference in your Skin and Mane, but also your overall health. 

So come, let’s decode the fundamentals of Skin and Mane right from the texts of sacred Ayurveda!

Your Takeaways From these Masterclasses


  • Learn the fundamentals of Skin and Mane
  • How to bring your Skin and Mane to their optimum best 
  • Daily, monthly, and annual practices for Skin and Mane 
  • Analyze and work on specific conditions of Skin and Mane 
  • Tips and tricks to enhancing the quality of your Skin and Mane 
  • DOs and DONTs to bring back and maintain balance 
  • Understanding Skin and Hair types and what they are prone to 


Thank you so much Nidhi. The courses are very informative and supportive. It is amazing! I am grateful I have this time with you. 



I have literally spent tons of money on dermatologists. All in vain. I have been following you skin care routine from your course. Its been 2 weeks now, no single pimple popped. I feel so lucky to come across your work.Thank You!




Thank you for the amazing knowledge Nidhi. This is the 3rd workshop of yours that I'm taking and every time I learn so much.


Skin & Mane - The Ayurvedic Way

Up your Skin and Mane game with the secrets shared by Nidhi

  • More than 3 Hours of Videos
  • 12 Comprehensive Modules 
  • 32 pages of Workbooks
  • Dozens of Herbs, Daily Routine, Recipes, Product Recommendations ...
Bundle at $57 (save $21)


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Bonus #1

Nidhi's Inner Climate ™ Short Course : A condensed version of her revolutionary method that redefines wellness.

Bonus #2

Nidhi's Foundation Course on Doshas: An introductory course that lays the groundwork for understanding the Doshas.

About Nidhi


Nidhi Pandya is an Ayurvedic Healer based in New York City. 

Raised in India, she has been immersed in Vedic wisdom since birth; her grandfather being an Ayurvedic Healer himself. She has studied this intuitive and highly nuanced science of life right from ancient Ayurvedic Sanskrit texts and scriptures.

She is passionate about empowering people to become self-aware and live intuitively with Mind-Body Balance. Her strength lies in her ability to understand the ancient scriptures and make them comprehensible and applicable to the modern world.

Nidhi has been an international teacher, coach, and speaker. She writes for various publications and is a faculty member at the Shakti School. 


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1,000+ Lives Changed

Ayurveda is the Science of Life. It was never meant to be complicated! Let's learn to speak it as a first language and identify ways in which we can apply it to all aspects of mind and body.

Skin & Mane Masterclass

Bundle $57 (save $21)

Up your Skin and Mane game with the secrets shared by Nidhi. Go deeper into the fundamentals of your Skin and Mane health and learn to bring them to their optimum best with daily, monthly, and annual routines, DOs and DONTs, supporting practices, and much more.

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