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Post-Partum & Breastfeeding

"Postpartum is really the time when a woman's body can heal completely from what it has suffered in the past," is what my grandfather would always say.

When done in the right manner, Postpartum holds great potential to completely transform and bring your body back to equilibrium better than ever.

It is a time when a woman is reborn!

In this Masterclass, I teach you my generational Ayurvedic protocol for Postpartum and Breastfeeding. You learn everything about a nourishing diet, lifestyle modifications,  suitable herbs, newborn care, and numerous other things you need to prepare for this life-changing phase of your life.
Enroll now, and learn how to heal, nourish, and strengthen your body better than ever.
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This Masterclass is for you, if you want to

  • Take care of yourself the right way after delivery
  • Truly become the mother you want to be
  • Nurture yourself with the right diet
  • Lead your life full of vitality, energy, and strength
  • Build your support system and balance your unique constitution
  • Understand which herbs are right for you
  • Follow practices to nourish and ground your mind
  • Prepare yourself to take care of your Newborn
  • Heal from labor & delivery (Normal or C-section)
  • Implement practices to support your mind & body

According to Ayurveda, with the birth of the baby, the mother is reborn. When done right, this time presents an incredible opportunity to heal all past wounds. Ayurveda has a prescribed protocol for the Postpartum period - Sutika Paricharya. How you take care of yourself during the 40 days after delivery dictates the next 40 years of your life. 

With this Masterclass, I teach you everything you need to restore your health, vitality, and strength in a practical and sustainable manner. We discuss holistic practices, dietary modifications, herbal support, and Ayurvedic protocol for how your day should look like and so MUCH MORE.

Your Takeaways From the Masterclass

  • The absolute no's to avoid for postpartum recovery
  • Understand the state of your body during this phase
  • Understand and implement postpartum protocols to heal
  • Learn why and how you need to take care of your Yoni
  • Understand why and how you need to take care of your breasts
  • Learn to balance Vata and holistic methods for mental balance
  • A-Z's of breastfeeding and holistic alternatives if not breastfeeding 
  • Ayurvedic protocol for Newborn baby care
  • C-section care and exciting bonuses

What Our Participants Say

I absolutely enjoyed this session. Thank you so much, Nidhi. I learnt so much. So grateful"



"Nidhi, I wish I met you before my 1st pregnancy. You are such a positive vibe and full of knowledge and are ready to share. Thank you so much. Very grateful to have come across you."



"So grateful for all the parts. Thank you Nidhi."




Post-Partum & Breastfeeding

Learn how to define your 40 years with the 40 days of postpartum care right from the ancient texts of Ayurveda. 

Know everything about the right nutrition, holistic practices, the absolute DOs and DONTs, nourishing recipes, and much more through this immersive and unique Postpartum Masterclass.

Enroll now and prepare yourself to be reborn with the birth of your baby. 
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