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According to Ayurveda, Pregnancy is the most sacred and transformative period in a Woman's Life. The womb is essentially a temple and a board she shares with her baby. The state of her mind and body has a direct impact on the baby.
In this masterclass, learn everything about a sustainable and nourishing diet to support this journey, practices to prepare for labor & birth, manage the occurrence of common conditions like morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, sleeplessness, etc, and much more.
Be sure and confident with complete knowledge to not just prepare well for Pregnancy but also enjoy this most special time of your life. 
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This Masterclass is for you, if you want to

  • Lean on a trusted source to teach and guide you through Pregnancy
  • Know everything about eating right to support yourself and the baby
  • Learn the safe remedies for common ailments during Pregnancy
  • Lead an active lifestyle, the right way and sail through this phase efficiently  
  • Learn about the good conduct prescribed for pregnancy
  • Pick up time-tested practices for a successful pregnancy
  • Prevent anemia, swelling, and other such issues 
  • Learn to meditate for this phase and bring physical, emotional & mental balance
  • Prepare well for labor and delivery

 A woman's body is a divine sanctum for the fetus to develop. Ayurveda has a special branch called “Garbha Sanskar” that not just details month by monthly development of the fetus, but also prescribes specific nutritional plans for the growth and protection of the fetus and woman. 

Ayurveda says that a pregnant woman should be handled like a bowl of oil filled to the brim. Not even a drop should be spilled.
In this Masterclass, I bring to you an amalgamation of ancient Ayurvedic principles and functional modern-age practices to get your Pregnancy right. 

Your Takeaways From the Masterclass

  • The absolute No's to avoid during Pregnancy
  • Learn to walk the Madhyama Marga (the Middle Path)
  • Holistic practices to support yourself through this period
  • Support deep sleep no matter how far along you are
  • Assess your unique situation and tune into your body
  • Suitable diet and herbs specific to this phase
  • Managing common side effects and ailments
  • Prepare for labor and delivery
  • Understand Doshic balances
  • Daily practices & routine and MUCH MORE

What Our Participants Say

"Thank you for sharing your family's wealth of wisdom. That is great."



"Thank you so much, Nidhi. The session is really informative and supportive. It's amazing! Grateful to have spent this time with you."



"This was indeed a very insightful session. You really inspired me to make this journey more spiritual."



"Amazing session. Thank you so much" 



"Thank you for the amazing knowledge Nidhi. This is the 3rd workshop of yours that I'm attending and every time I learn so much."



"Thank you so much, Nidhi. It was a great session."





Enroll now for this Pregnancy Masterclass 
where I teach you the A-Z's of pregnancy. 

A comprehensive class packed with practical, actionable information for the most special journey of your life that holds the potential to completely transform your health and positively impact the baby's health.
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