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From Fertility to Childcare - Bundle

If you’re ready and planning to start your family soon, then this bundle is for you. Nidhi takes you step-by-step through the magical Ayurvedic wisdom, with a pragmatic approach to fit modern life in these 4 comprehensive, life-changing masterclasses..

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If you’re ready and planning to start your family soon, then this comprehensive bundle is for you. Nidhi takes you step-by-step through Ayurvedic wisdom to get your most crucial phases of life correct and holistic through these four unique, life-changing, and extensive masterclasses.

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Take the comprehensive masterclass packed with practical and actionable information rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom to support you through your Pregnancy. Learn to build a sustainable and nourishing diet, practices to prepare for childbirth, manage common ailments effectively, and MORE.

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Post-Partum & Breastfeeding

Make postpartum and breastfeeding transformative and fulfilling with Nidhi’s masterclass that entails Ayurvedic protocol to get your Postpartum right. It includes everything from herbs, to newborn care, and various other things you need to prepare for this crucial phase of life.

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Learn to nourish your child, build immunity, create a strong foundation, and MORE with this unique Childcare masterclass. With its roots in Baala Chikitsa, a whole branch dedicated to Childcare in Ayurveda, it elaborates extensively on ways to take care of a newborn and much more.

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Skin and Mane

Level up your Skin and Haircare game with Nidhi as shares with you how best to take care of, and support your Skin and Mane health – the Modern Ayurvedic way. It covers dietary protocol, beauty rituals, herbs, lifestyle modifications, and more to promote your Skin and Mane health.

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Digestion Beyond Gut

This masterclass empowers you to analyze and manage your own digestive symptoms and live a life full of health, balance, and vigor. Learn all you need to know about Digestion from the Ayurvedic lens and get practical tips, diet, herbs, and MORE for a balanced digestive environment.

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Live Longer, Look Younger

Learn everything you need to live healthier in a fully energized and radiant body thereby prolonging longevity. This course covers Ayurvedic practices, daily routines, diet, herbs, and MORE that promote youthfulness and longevity, leading you toward holistic and fulfilled health.

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